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What is Conviction: & 3 Convictions For Charisma

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 3 convictions For Charisma

Conviction to charisma

Do you know convictions can assist you in shaping up your life? Do you know the charismatic people live with integrity and earn respect? Well, if you do or if you don’t, stay with me and thank me later. This article brings a unique perception of convictions that develop Charisma. 

Let’s hear this story first,

A man who fought adroitly for his country but was cursed, sentenced to a dungeon, captivated for 27 long years and yet was resolute to turn the tables and end racism. He is none other than “Nelson Mandela.” 

Nelson Mandela had a dream to change his country’s fate – South Africa. He fought against the apartheid system vigorously. When Mandela was at the peak of the revolutionary movement, he was imprisoned for 27 long years, and the rationale behind his imprisonment was to subdue his spirit. But he was a man of Conviction and didn’t bow down. At last, Mandela managed to liberate SOUTH AFRICA from all sorts of racism and became the president of South Africa In 1994. 


What is Conviction, then? The determination, struggle, honest, and positive behavior towards life is Conviction. Conviction is to take challenges, live with a purpose, have own perception of life, and live by own meaningful rules. 


My friend, Mandela, was a charismatic Leader because he lived by convictions that bring Charisma. He remained astute until he achieved his mission. 

Undoubtedly, Mandela was a brilliant, charismatic leader, but the question arises, how you and I develop convictions that develop Charisma?


Let’s discuss 3 convictions that develop Charisma for life.


1- I am OK, and I will be OK

I am Ok and I will be Ok

Have you found yourself in a condition where you are being tortured or tormented for no reason?

What if you like someone, and they hate you in return?

What if you are the most appropriate candidate, but someone else got the job?

What if someone doesn’t like your presence?

What if you’re running out of money and no viable solution preludes? 

Well, my friend, nothing to mourn, and things will be alright in the future. The philosophy behind I am OK, and I will be OK, is to remain calm regardless of the situation. 


These are quite comforting words when you keep repeating these words, it reverberates in your ears, eases you from inside, and you no longer have to manufacture yourself or present yourself artificially.


This incredible Conviction liberates you from all sorts of fears and gives you immense power to take a stiff upper lip. When you say I am OK and I will be OK, you calm your nerve and send a message to your brain that you are here to win BIG. If not today, then tomorrow.


You send a message to your brain that if someone doesn’t like me, it is OK. If someone does not care about me, it is OK. If someone ditches me, my boss is partial towards me; it is still OK.

This Conviction builds your mindset as an acceptor, and now you don’t question things in agony and let things be. All your negative emotions, now, transformed into positive ones, and even in the face of crises, you would still laugh because you know that “I am OK and I will be OK.”


2- Have Impeccable Integrity

Integrity, a conviction

Matthew and Simon are two best friends and also business partners. One day, a lawyer called Simon and told him that Matthew is cheating him. Matthew design a plan to take all the shares alone, and very soon, he would leave you in despair. 


Simon was fuming and went straight to Matthew and tried to confront him for his treachery. When Matthew heard Simon saying those nasty words, he immediately stopped him. Matthew then leaned forward and looked straight into Simon’s eyes, as if he was reading mind through eyes and said: “I am a more dignified and honest person than you would ever encounter in your entire life, I can’t think to cheat anybody.” 

Simon, “Really,”? 

Matthew, “YES.”

Simon then said nothing but agreed, and stopped being suspicion about him. Why and what made Simon believe in him?


It was nothing but Matthew’s integrity that compelled Simon to believe in him. It was not just mere words but feelings that were exhibiting from his eyes. His body was wearing charisma and that charisma was flickering and how could Simon not believe in him?

When you are honest and care about your integrity, it flows from every action. You no longer need to justify because people discern you and respect you. 


Let’s talk about you and me. All-day long, we utter white lies that make us hollow from inside. 

 Mom, I will be coming late because I have a plan for a combined study. Sir, I am sorry, there was inescapable traffic, and next time I would be careful.


Aren’t these white lies sabotage our integrity?

Yes, any lie means a dent to integrity. If you want to build impeccable integrity, put a stamp on lies. When you develop your integrity, you become charismatic. People start believing you, and your character outshines everybody.

So, build impeccable integrity to live fearlessly. 


3- Don’t Convince

Don't convince

How often do we want to convince others? Almost all the time. Isn’t it true? If yes, then let’s discuss it. 


Unlike, charismatic people, we all want to convince others for numerous reasons, we always force our opinion on others. Many of us even get upset when unable to persuade. The point is we all are doing it wrong. Our debates become hollow and lack depth because we want to stamp our authority instead of paving the path for understanding. 


Have you ever encountered someone who would want to force his views? What was your reaction? Whenever we try to convince someone, a simple viewpoint turns into a destructive debate. Instead of convincing others, we need to respect and understand others’ views. 

Instead of begging for a job or asking for any approval, we should move on. We will attract the right person who appreciates and accept us for being us.


Such an attitude towards life develops Charisma, where you no longer need to convince someone. Instead of convincing, all you need is to present your viewpoint in the best possible manner. Likewise, you need not convince others, show your point and move on; if someone respects – brilliant and if someone does not respect – move the **** on.


My friend, you become instantly charismatic, where people respect and would try to find ways to get around you. 

Don’t convince but understand. 

So far, enjoyed it?

Here you have a bonus one,


4- I care about my character more than the others’ opinion

I care about my character more than the others’ opinion

Doesn’t it sound amazing? Just feel those words. Reread it.

Lives of all the successful people give you a simple and clear message that everyone who ever becomes successful in the truest form has astounding character. Some People always put fingers on their character and their success in uncountable ways, but successful individuals hardly care.

What if Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Gandhi, & Napoleon care about the opinions of others? Would they achieve what they had achieved? 

 Even if you are the most spiritual person and love every creature of GOD and show humbleness for everyone, even then there must be some bigots who would try to tarnish your image. 

There is a clear message for every one of us; if we want to live with peace and build Charisma, then we have to develop our character. With that, we should forget and ignore badgers along the way; we must only care about our character, not anyone’s opinion. 

Build your character, and when you care about your character, others will also care. 


Let’s end it here

Now, you must have understood the philosophy behind convictions and how it empowers everyone who puts effort into practice. 


There are uncountable ways to practice convictions. One lucrative method is to make a journal and by the end of the day jot down events of the day that helps in developing Charisma and also note down any such activities that you need to avoid at all costs, as they are deterrent to develop Charisma. 

Wouldn’t it be awesome that people respect you for being you? Wouldn’t it be fantastic when you take control of life’s events? Wouldn’t be jubilant when you only care about your character and make efforts to develop it? You better know, think about what these convictions would do for you?

Practice these charismatic convictions and make your life; loving and respectful. 



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