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Power of Affirmation

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Affirmations are essential for us that put us on a path where the abundance of life lives. When we speak to ourselves with an intention envelop with great desire, it knocks the proportion of our conscious mind and try to enter through to our subconscious mind. The penetration depends upon the firmness on affirmations encapsulated with burning desire to change any given circumstances.

Our lives are vulnerable because of our inner futile beliefs. We believe that things might not be going to work and it won’t be going to work with the same patterns of belief. We really need to alter our belief system.

Most of us doubt our dreams and found in believing that our dreams might not come to fruition. Fact of the matter is our body and our circumstances live up to the expectations of our beliefs.

Some of us believe that they won’t get a good partner in life. Their mind says YES to their belief. It’s a matter of what we believe from inside. Things will happen as per our belief system.

We need to change the patterns of our inner beliefs. For that we have to tailor some sort of affirmations. It takes effort, it really takes effort to rebuild our belief system. Our system and our patterns are forged and it takes great amount of repetition of positive affirmations to change those filthy patterns.

When we whisper something positive to ourselves with emotions and feelings and keep on whispering from time to time, again and again. Those words enter into our subconscious mind and the infinite divine intelligence that resides in our subconscious mind help us to transmute old patterns to our benefit.

It is a perpetuating process, coupled with emotions and burning desire to change the residing patterns.

Affirmations can be of numerous types:

If someone is unable to achieve good grades, he/she can stand in front of the mirror and look into their own eyes and repeat “I know about this subject, I am preparing to the best of my abilities & I know I am going to get my desired result”. It will work.

If someone is not achieving its true job he/she can Affirm that “I am a skillful individual, my skills and personality are enough to lend me any appropriate job.” or if we want to work for some particular company they we could say “I am worthy to work for (company name) and I am going to be picked for that position.”

Affirmations can be applied in any area of life, whatever area we want to upgrade or change. But it demands real persistence. We have to be persistent enough so that every being of our existence start believing in those words. Keep repeating those affirmations twice or thrice a day with full attention and with burning desire that embarks tremendous power.

Note: While affirming one should not allow negative thoughts to roam and capture the spaces in mind. Whenever any negativity arise in mind, we should start affirming something positive and we will keep on affirming till that negative thought rot and now the spaces are filled with positivity.

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