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Mindful Eating: Benefits, Tips and Challenge

By October 8, 2019 October 29th, 2019 2 Comments
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What is mindful eating?

You must be wondering what the heck this mindful eating is! And what it has to do with our lives and with our development. Greats believe that everything we commit has some impact on our lives. This mindful eating can have a significant effect on our lives, notably, on our health and development.

It is our habit to eat in a hurry without realizing what we take in and how it feels. We are rushing through our extremely vital diet, every time, which harms us from inside. There is a correlation between our minds and our body. They both work together.

If we keep on eating without realizing its sensations and keep on busying ourselves in other unnecessary things while eating, it will ruin the effect of eating that could impact our lives in unimaginably poor and unwanted ways. This habit of not paying attention to mindful eating might do us great harm.


EAT with Consciousness

Mindful eating is a kind of meditation where you allow the sensations to pass through you. It is a beautiful method to help you cope up with all sorts of worries and tensions.

When we consume food with full awareness, we allow our body to assimilate it and reap its real benefits. It helps to treat numerous conditions. Including stress and depression. We get into the state of happiness. Happiness thwart worries, anxieties, and stress. (1)

Mindful eating is to feel that you are taking in something with consciousness, you think from the look of the food to the weight of the food – how it feels to the eye – how it smells when it gets closer to the nose buds. (2)

When the food enters our mouth, how amazing it feels like. How we feel when we chew it and sense the sensations it yields in our mouth. What the aroma is telling us. When that food possibly trickles down from our throat to our stomach in a conscious manner, then this food will increase its effect to 10x. (3) (4)

Two things would happen, we enjoy the moment, and we let the food serve its purpose; that is to provide us essential nutrients.



Mindful Eating Helps to Establish Mind and Body Relation

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When we feel every bit of what we eat, our brain transmits the signal of harmony to every part of our body. The neurotransmitter carries neurons more efficiently without any thwart, all because now the mind and the body are complementing each other in the most harmonious possible manner. (1)

The toughest thing in this world is to have a mind and body connection. When mind and body complements, health flows. There is always a noise that besieges our heads all day long; this dreading noise is what wrestles our inner peace. All the time, we sally forth to do something without thinking – and it is quite dangerous.

Auto mode of unhealthy habits is dangerous because it ingrained in our subconscious mind and makes the havoc of our lives.

When we eat with consciousness, we automatically signal our mind that we are on the path of something fruitful. We allow the food to trickle down, knowingly. This develops our habit of being in the moment instead of doing at the moment. Remember! Whenever we are in being state, we are at home. We are more at peace and harmony. (2)


Mindful Eating Make Us Thank GOD

Mindful eating also enables us to thank our creator, because now, for the very first time, we enjoy the beauty, delight, and flavor of the food that is being consumed by us. We have a habit of not paying any attention to our food and take it for granted.

We eat food while talking with others or listening to some music – this diminishes the positive energy from the food. By taking our food mindfully, we now sense how attracting and engaging our food can be.


Mindful Eating Develops Focus        

Mindful eating also helps us develop our long gone focus. When we eat with attention and interest and sense every piece of it, it formulates our habit of concentration. It has been said, “How we do anything, we do everything,” When we eat with consciousness, our practice of doing things with the presence of mind starts to develop. (1)

Focus is everything; the more focused we are towards anything. The chances are that we do things better. Focus brings results. We negate all sort of distractions which are always coming in our way and always demand our attention. (2)

Focus helps us to identify what we should not do instead of what we should do. This is pivotal for success in anything when we are sure about what we should not do; we are left with what we should do.

Mindful eating is one of the most significant ways of incorporating focus in our lives. We know what we should not do while eating, which let us perpetrate on things which we should do. (3)


Tips to Eat Mindfully           

How should one perform mindful eating? Pick any food, stare it for at least 10 seconds, and feels how it passes sensations. Then contact its weight when you have it in your hands. Think about the message it portrays. What kind of feelings it generates. Then get the food closer to our nose and feel the odor that comes out from it.

When you finally put it into your mouth, then feel it by keeping it on your tongue for a few seconds. When that food is resting above the tongue and between jaws, take a breath and sense how it feels. Then start to nibble it slowly! Slowly! Slowly!

As the food trickles down to your throat into your stomach, again feel it in your consciousness, feel what it takes for the food to carry from throat to belly. Everything should be happening in consciousness, that whatever we do, we do it in our present mental state. We need to break and recreate old limiting patterns that hooked us either in the past or in the future. We need to live in the present.


Take a challenge of Mindful eating

All we need to do us to make a comprehensive 21-day plan of mindful eating. We need to throw down the gauntlet for 21 days without any cheat day. Psychology says,”21 days are good enough to get familiar with a new habit, and 90 are enough to make that habit a lifestyle”.

Although it also depends upon the belief system and ingrained old patterns and habits of a particular person. Some habits take long to develop, and some practices can be developed within 21 days or so.

You need to take it as a challenge. Yes! Things will be uneasy at the beginning of the process. The mind will keep on to wander here and there. We don’t need to get frustrated over it; it is something new to us. We need to draw our attention back to our food gently. Without wrestle with it. All should be done harmoniously because we aim to develop a great sense of calmness and focus. And replicate it in doing other things as well.

All we need to do is to keep doing and loving. Loving the process is the key to success. If one cannot enjoy the process, one cannot get the desired results.

Take a challenge & make an impact. And live life with immaculate focus.



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