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How to become Charismatic: 7 Unbelievable charismatic Qualities of celebrities

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How to become Charismatic

How to become Charismatic 7 Unbelievable charismatic Qualities of celebrities

Do you know why we are attracted to some personalities and why we are not attracted to others?

Do you know why we get mad in support of one politician and involve in a skirmish with our family and friends to justify the acts of our favorite politician?

The answer is simple; they possess something which makes our heartthrob faster than usual. There is something mysterious that is tough to decipher. It directly attacks our limbic part of a brain and somehow entices us towards a particular personality. These are nothing but charismatic traits which most of the celebrities and politician possess. 

It is subtle yet magnetic that lures every one of us towards it. These charismatic qualities are incredibly powerful. Whenever some personality enters into the room, the room lights up. A breath of fresh air enraptures the surroundings, and people draw towards that personality — a more of a subconscious thing.

These are myriads of little things that happen in the flickering of a moment and enthrall us to the point that we lost ourselves within the moment. 

So, Bill Clinton, Imran Khan, Steve Jobs, Jennifer Lawrence, Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson – you name it, they all are charismatic people. They exhibit something tough to decipher, decorously, but whatever traits these are, they have an incredible power to hook the people. 


 Why is Charisma a necessity?

Do you remember the days when you were first going to school at the age of 4? 

There was someone or some class fellows who were the center of attraction, the teacher loved them, and they attracted everyone towards them, well, my friend that was a charisma.

Charismatic people are loved and respected more because others feel special in their presence. Charismatic people lift others mode, either with their words or with their manners. 

The research found that candidates with high marks and a great resume do not get the job, but candidates with incredible personalities get the job. 

Someone might call it nepotism, favoritism, or sometimes associate it with pure luck, but there is something more to that, and that is CHARISMA.

So, I know my friend, you are convinced that Charisma is powerful. If not, below are the charismatic qualities of the incredibly successful people which will change your perspective towards Charisma, 


1-Convictions for Charismatic

Convictions to charisma

Back in 1983, Apple Inc. was 4 years Old Company. There was a young man, longhaired, who was determined to change the world by selling the new technology to the world. But there was a problem.

Steve Jobs did not know how to sell his product to the market, as he was oblivion about the marketing tactics of that time. 

He met with the youngest president of PEPSI named, John Sculley. John had the relevant experience, pieces of training, and he knew the nuances of marketing. Steve Jobs knew he wanted this man to be part of his revolutionary mission. 

Steve requested John to join Apple Inc. as a CEO. John declined and scoff. Then, Steve leaned forward, look at the ground, and then look straight into the eyes of John and asks with conviction:

“Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world.” 

Well, after a few weeks of meeting, John joined Apple Inc. as a CEO, and the rest is history, as they said. 

John was at the acme at his time; if he wanted, he would have easily joined any company 100 times the size of this tech revolutionary company. But he was utterly convinced with the words of Steve. John saw the spark because Steve was confident that he is going to change the world, and that is my friend is CONVICTION. 

Conviction is compelling, and some say, “It is a heart of Charisma.”  


2- Energy for Charisma

Energy to Charisma

“Your business is out of money. Three-quarters of a million dollars have been stolen. I think you should shut this whole thing down. I am sorry. I quit. Goodbye”. These were the words of the CEO of Tony Robbin’s company to Tony Robbins. Tony was shell shocked after hearing those unwanted words. 

Tony was about to kick off a 5-day event where he has to talk for more than 4 hours consecutively. The rug had pulled under his feet. He was distraught and fuming to hear the greatest debacle in his business life. The event is about to start, and Tony has to make a decision. 

If there were someone else other than Tony, he would not have considered any other option than to fall prey over his strongest emotion. But he was no other than TONY ROBBINS.

He decided to weigh a few options. He made the most logical decision that overshadowed his emotions. He made an entry on the stage, boisterous, and in full swing. Everyone who knows his situation got amused. He productively presents himself and delivers the most eloquent and spot-on speech for more than 4 hours with the same energy level and the same enthusiasm.

Then he goes on to save lives with his energy, and he knows that life is about ups and downs, everyone can enjoy in ups, but it takes courage and high energy to turn the tables. 

To succeed in life, it is vital to have a vibrant and impeccable energy that flows from you. People are bound to attract to you. It is one of the greatest assets of Charisma. Leaders of every walk of life exhibit the stream of Charisma. 

Energy always attracts, and out of all those charismatic qualities, energy reigns on top. 


3- Sense of Humor 

have some humor

Every one of us all loves and adores good humor. Humor is a necessary ingredient in our lives. Without humor, life gets tough. 

We live in a world where we have to encompass so much every day. Many of us get frustrated over small and little things, sometimes for no reason. 

The daily frustration could result in malignant health problems; that’s why it is scientifically proven to have some humor.

Do you remember that back in college or school, there was someone who was extremely funny? And people used to find ways to get around him, to enjoy his company. 

Humor attracts people; it eases their problems and makes them feel less stressed. So, humor is a crucial part of a Charisma. If anyone wants to develop his fan base and would want to be cherished, then incorporating humor in life becomes inevitable. 

Sound and sensible humor are essential to have in charismatic personality. It lightens the problem. It provides a sense of comfort why people are so much attracted to Jim Carry because he possesses a great charismatic quality of humor with his different ideology towards life. 

But be careful! No one likes a badger. Your jokes should not annoy them or insult them. It must be something that favors others — most of the successful personalities used to make fun of themselves to light up the atmosphere. 


4- Genuine Compliments and Appreciation for Charisma

Appreciation to Charisma

Humans crave love and appreciation. We cannot live without it, can you? Crave for recognition is in every human nature. Leaders understand this, and they always appreciate others for their efforts. When we genuinely understand someone, it develops some relation – it could be the relation of respect. 

Most of the people in this world are having a miserable life. They are fighting with everyday problems including, poverty, and terrorism, and health issues. When we utter some beautiful compliment and appreciating words, it lights up their mood. 

One of the common reason why people go insane is lack of appreciation – No one approves them. If we develop this amicable habit of genuinely complimenting others, we not only better their lives but also earn massive respect. They would like to be part of your company. 

So, the habit of appreciating others will serve you for long.


5- Storytelling

StoryTelling to charisma

Have you ever thought that we are telling stories since we were first started to talk?

All-day we have stories after stories on numerous topics. Even if you ask me, how was your day?

Well, get ready to hear a rollercoaster story about a whole day. It could be exciting or boring – it depends.

The key is to take the story to the voyages of imagination and arouse interest. All the great leaders are great storytellers. Imran Khan (PM of Pakistan) has an incredible quality of telling a story. 

Imran Khan always starts a story with something catchy that hook everyone who is listening to him. 

Martin Luther King Jr was the master of storytelling. It was his storytelling that made him famous all over America. 

Learn to tell stories, learn how you can make stories attractive? Go through the profiles and lectures of great storytellers. Make notes and try to come up with enticing stories. 

Storytelling is compelling.


Body gestures to charisma


6- Smile to Charisma

Smile to Charisma

We attract beautiful smiles; it’s human psychology. Smile is a lovely gesture that you can give to others. It is not just a simple gesture but a unique way of communication. 

Will Smith has the most scrumptious and alluring smile. His smile has a fantastic attraction. Whenever you see him smiling, it captivates you. 

Swanwick interviewed will, and according to Swanwick, he never saw someone that much captivated because whenever he smiled, it creates a scene. 

How he does it? Well, he let the smile be. He never faked his smile. It is more like a smirk, sometimes. Something simple yet alluring. He relaxes his eye muscles, shows his full teeth without a tinge of hesitation, and lets his personality flow through it. 

A beautiful smile can 10x your Charisma. You may claim that you do not have a charismatic or perfect smile, and also you do not want to fake it, then what should you do?

Simple, research people whose smile is your favorite. Pay attention to detail: their facial movements, their jaw placement, and their muscles’ flexibility. Then try to embody what suits best on you. 


7- Voice to Charisma

Voice to Charisma

Intense and deep Voice is way more charismatic than we think. You must have seen Leonardo di Caprio films, what makes is Voice charismatic. The depth in his Voice is quite alluring. He got an Oscar for his brilliant performance in the movie “The REVENANT,” all because of his acting and voice. Apart from his acting, his voice is another thing that captivates everyone.

Leaders generally have great voices. Whenever they speak with an audience, they make the full toll of their Voice. They play with the pitch; sometimes, they intentionally go vocal, and other times, they lower their pitch to create the scene.

Even in interviews, the interviewers are checking the confidence and tonality of the candidate. If a candidate seems confident, their Voice will tell it.

Girls like boys with beautiful voices and vice versa. 

Words have power instill in it, but without conveying accurately – words are just mere words. It is the Voice that gives power to those words. Martin Luther King Jr said in his famous speech, “I have a dream,” It was not plain words that embark on emotions, but how he said – speaks volumes. 

You can do various practices to deepen your Voice. There are breathing techniques and Yoga techniques to deepen Voice. 


A bonus one


8- Eye to Charisma

An article related to charismatic qualities is incomplete without discussing the power of EYES to Charisma. Eyes are enough to communicate matters. 

Bill Clinton is famous for his eye contact. He used to convey his thoughts even with his eyes. Michael Ellsberg describes in his book “the power of eye contact” how Bill Clinton signals that he is leaving the meeting. 

A little squint and an intense gaze are all that we need. Without hesitating and without looking away, we can easily make others attracted to us.

Smooth eye contact is hugely charismatic. When you maintain eye contact, it sparks confidence, and such an attitude is convincing. 



So, the bottom line is to learn these positive, charismatic qualities to better your life. You might have some of them. But, first polish your innate charismatic qualities – master them. Once you master them, they try to learn other charismatic abilities if you want to become a charismatic personality. 


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  • Marcus says:

    One of the attributes of charismatic leaders is that they often tend to watch themselves. They are aware of their powerful personality, and the fact that their followers are watching them constantly. For this reason, they consider it important to portray a good image of themselves to their followers. This can be achieved only with self-monitoring. A charismatic leader understands that he has certain qualities that make him different from others, and that these are the qualities that get him attention and make him charismatic. So he also knows how important it is to continually improve himself.

    • Arqum Ali Khan says:

      Thankyou for your comment. A simple question to you, what sort of content do you want from my side?

      You are right, but leaders behave normally to their followers. They don’t need to fake them. Yes, they can develop some of the amazing personality traits to keep their followers hooked. But remember! People love you for being you – leaders understand this more than anything else.

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