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Health benefits of potatoes: 7 Unbelievable facts you should know about potatoes 

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Health benefits of eating potatoes

Disadvantage of Potatoes

Back in time, when you were a child, someone did something terrible, but you had to pay the price, and you were judged as guilty by the jury (maybe by your mom or dad). If that were you, then you must have understood the condition of an innocent and angel Potato.

Since the medieval days, potatoes are under the radar for unhealthy reasons, but the truth is the opposite of what it portrayed. The health benefits of potatoes are miraculously amazing.

Do not fool yourself by thinking that potatoes are devoid of nutrients. The fact is potatoes are replete with essential nutrients and are lower in calorie count.

The purpose of this article is to discuss the potential benefits of potatoes — the nutritional values, facts, and how it better our lives. The misconception about the disadvantage of potatoes is also part of this article.


1- Potato Nutritional Facts 

Potato is exceptionally beneficial for your health in countless ways; even its plant draws the highest concentrated and resourceful macro and trace minerals from the earth’s soil. And you know the importance of minerals for your body. (1)

Potassium, which helps in regulating muscles, is found in potatoes – so, potatoes are a high source of potassium. That is why many gym instructors instruct their students to take potatoes before being at the Gym. (2)

Vitamin B6 – pyridoxine is also available in the full form in potatoes as well as some of the amino acids are also found in Potatoes – especially lysine. (3)

Lysine is useful to counter and avert cancers, inflammation, liver issues, and viruses of different natures, such as Shingles and Epstein-Barr, which can cause joint pain, autoimmune, and many other diseases.

Potatoes also contain Vitamin C, which is vital to strengthen our immune system and also prevent us from anemia (A deficiency of quality red blood cells in our body). As per the research, potatoes are replete with more vitamin C than tomatoes and the same quantity of sweet potatoes. (4)

Potatoes are also a viable source of magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium.

Potato is a low-calorie food, a whole serving of a raw potato contains about 110 calories.

The skin of a potato is also useful, and when we peel a potato, its nutritional value gets reduced.

Nutritional facts and calorie count of a Potato,

Serving size of 1 raw potato (148g/5.3oz)
% daily value

Calories/serving            110

Dietary fiber                    2g                7%

Total sugars                     1g

Calcium                            20mg          2%

Iron                                   1.1mg          6%

Potassium                        620mg       15%

Vitamin C                         27mg          30%

Vitamin B6                       0.2mg        10%

This data is for 2000 calorie intake, the data will change accordingly.

Bottom Line    Potatoes are full of vital nutrients and great food to incorporate in your diet. It is replete with essential minerals and amino acids, which make it an instant pick. 




2- Role of Potato in disease Prevention 

Potato can be your most dependable and greatest ally if you have any of these problems, including the digestive tract, peptic ulcers, IBS, colitis, and Crohn’s disease. (1)

Potatoes are master in fending off liver disease; they can provide exuberant strength to your kidney, and soothe your nerves. (2)

As we know, they are antiviral, but they also possess the importance of being antifungal and antibacterial. (3)

Potatoes have coenzymes, bioactive compounds, and nutritional cofactors that help our body to stay healthy and assist us with stress.

Among so many Brain foods, potatoes are one of them that helps in keeping us grounded and centered.

Knowing that potatoes are the heavenly food for years, and we have always been cruel with the Potato. Another considerable misconception that preludes potatoes as cruel food is the availability of starch that adds to our waistline – but potatoes are starch resistance. (4)


Bottom Line   Potatoes are essential foods to consume. It helps you fight chronic diseases. Potatoes help you in kidney, colon, and liver-related issues. Try to include this angle food in your diet and reap its benefits to the fullest – Another important health benefit of potato.



3- Potatoes are Gluten Free

Patients of Crohn’sCrohn’s disease are advised to avoid taking a gluten-filled diet, such as wheat and barley. Gluten might exacerbate the case. So, potatoes are a gluten-free diet, plus it helps to revert intestinal issues. If anyone has these chronic issues of IBS or Crohn’sCrohn’s disease, then do incorporate potatoes in your diet and experience its magic. (1)

In a Celiac disease, a rare condition, the gluten-free diet is advised. A gluten-free diet could benefit patients of celiac disease. (2)

But, in 2013, Shepard and Gibson noticed more than 55 men and women who were at a gluten-free diet for two years. According to them, those who were at a gluten-free diet were found with nutrients deficiency. Subjects were found with inadequate fiber intake and several micronutrients. (4)

Surprisingly, potatoes solve the issue as Potato is replete with a number of those nutrients which the attendants were lacking, and yet they are gluten-free. (5)

Potatoes USA has complied with over 80 recipes of potatoes that are gluten-free yet provides essential nutrients and prevent inadequacy.


Bottom Line  Potatoes are gluten-free, which makes them an instant pick by the IBS and celiac patients. They provide essential nutrients that otherwise be neglected and could result in further body issues. Why not give it a try. 



4- Antioxidant properties of Potatoes


An assortment of Phytochemicals with the potential of antioxidants is present in potatoes along with vitamins and minerals. (1)

The presence of antioxidants, such as carotenoids and anthocyanin, makes it an instant pick. Purple and red potatoes contain anthocyanins, while white and red Potato contains carotenoids in abundance. (2)

Potatoes with skin contain some of the colorless antioxidants, such as vitamin C. (3)

Wu and colleagues had examined the antioxidant capacity of more than 100 foods, including beans, nuts, herbs, veggies, and spices. Out of all the artichokes reigns on top but potatoes come at number 5. Potatoes outranked some of the commonly called antioxidant foods, including broccoli, tomatoes, and cabbage. (4)


Bottom Line  An angel figure, potatoes has antioxidant properties; it contains two powerful antioxidants carotenoid and anthocyanin. So, potatoes will help you fighting with free radicals in your body.



5- Reduce the Risk of Hypertension (high blood pressure)

High blood pressure is one of the most widely spread issues in the world. About 30 % of adult Americans are under the grasp of hypertension. Some of them are at risk of high blood pressure.

The research found that diet high in potassium and low in sodium has a significant impact on reducing hypertension and stroke risk. (1)

Knowing that potatoes are the most harmonious food to incorporate in diet due to the abundance of potassium and low sodium in it.

While overconsumption of potatoes could exacerbate the condition. According to the Harvard study of Nurses Health, “Higher intake of baked, boiled, or mashed potatoes and French fries was independently and prospectively associated with an increased risk of developing hypertension,”


Bottom Line  Higher in potassium and lower in sodium diet is the most appropriate diet for those who are suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure. Potatoes are higher in potassium and lower in sodium, which makes a go-to food, with a caution that overconsumption of Potato could lead to more disastrous results. 


6- Potatoes for Gut Health

There is no such proper definition of “gut health.” Recently, Bischoff published an article where he listed some gastrointestinal (GI) Health signs, including nutrients effective absorption, adequate bowel movements, healthy intestinal microbiota, GI illness absence, and status of effective immune. (1)

Bischoff then further described that Potatoes contain some of the essential nutritional components which could support “gut health,” including fiber and resistance starch. (2)

Fiber and resistant starch are the key sources that escape digestion in small intestines and travel through to the colon, where a fecal bulk has been provided by them that helps in bowel functions. (3)


Bottom Line    Potatoes are good for gut health as it has fiber, and it is also called a starch resistant. These properties help to escape digestion in the small intestine and enter through to the colon, where they release fecal bulk, which helps in bowel functions. 



7- Disadvantages of Potatoes

Potato nutritional facts

Potatoes are not villain, but always been presented as a villain. Out of countless misconceptions about potatoes, one of them is, as potatoes are nightshades, so that they are poisonous. Edible nightshade does not exacerbate unfriendly conditions such as arthritis. It is a misconception that needs to go. You can put aside your fear that potatoes are inflammatory and cause inflammation.

But the truth is the oil which is used in French fries and the topping of a cheese sauce on a boiled potato could aggravate some of the unhealthy conditions. But as the main ingredient in most diets is potatoes, so all the tantrum is being thrown at potatoes.

Frying process in the presence of vegetable oil and dairy product contents mixed with potatoes are the real instigators. These mixtures then lead to insulin resistance, and fat plus lactose could even lead to unimaginable forms of Cancers.

Potatoes are not culprits, but ingredients that besieged potatoes are the main instigators.


Bottom Line    Potatoes are not evil, but the ingredients that besieged Potato exacerbate the case. Vegetable Oils and Dairy products are the real felons. Better eat boiled Potato with salads and avocado toppings.  


Conditions in which Potato can be beneficial

Below are the conditions in which potatoes can be essential;

Heart disease; kidney cancer; colon cancer; prostate cancer; pancreatic cancer; breast cancer; liver disease; kidney disease; diabetes; peptic ulcers; arthritis; irritable bowel syndrome; hemorrhoids; Crohn’s disease; celiac; shingles; anxiety; eye infections; ovaries; small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO); inflamed uterus; low reproductive system battery; infertility.



Tips to Eat Potatoes

  • When preparing potatoes to eat, it is best to boil potatoes or to put them on steam. Boiling and Steaming methods allow you to reap all the essential nutritional benefits of a potato that otherwise compromised.
  • If you are decorating your potatoes with butter, cheese, and other dairy products, then try to replace them with avocados. Better to mash them, or you can make cubes of avocado and then have it with potato cubes.
  • After you are done with the steaming of potatoes, then put them inside a fridge or cool them outside. Once potatoes get cool, then add some salad with them; spinach or Kale would be the best. Enzymes available in the potatoes enhance healing alkaloids present in the dark leafy greens and further its healing power.
  • Lastly, the potatoes are a lovely and delicious meal to have on the table. It is less expensive, so why not give it a try?


Final Words

baked potatoes are love

Potato is exceptional food. It replete with all the nutritional benefits and possess excellent healing power; thus the health benefits of potatoes are discussed to enlighten everyone about potatoes and its nutritional facts, and how it can be beneficial to combat any illness. We are unjust with this food for so many years, and now is the time of solace.

Give this food a much-needed tap on the back because Potato deserves it. It is also an extremely versatile food to have at your home. You can add this with spinach, ladyfinger, meat, rice – you name it.

You can consume it in its raw form, you can boil a potato, you can smash it, and you can mix it into salads.

Not only it gives excellent flavor, but it is incredibly vital for our health as it yields some fantastic vitamins and minerals which are needed by our body for undisruptive functioning.

So, make this incredible food a part of your diet routine.


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