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When I was a teenager I was being taught to forgive people even if they are my cruelest foe but to my consternation I always did the opposite. I kept on feeling contempt for others. I kept on having grudges and always wanted to retaliate. I was the one stubborn guy who really wanted to wreck the enemy. I kept on thinking about my counterpart day in and day out. The rebuke kept on spreading its root throughout my whole being. Every little thing used to intimidate me. I was encapsulated with anger.

Things goes from bad to worse, now I feel more and more agitated, every little thing started triggering me. I started getting ill because of my boorish behavior over everything. As there is a correlation between mind and body, I started suffering because of my agony which was eating my body from inside.

Things were getting more plagued, I started attracting diseases after diseases. Now it has been around 7 years since I have been fighting with diseases just because of my gruesomeness of holding the things unnecessarily.

When I entered into my 20s I realized that by feeling gross for others I do no harm to them but myself. I used to think about every little detail which made me furious and it instills negative emotions in my mind which had a profound impact on my body.

Those negative emotions actually sabotaging the good inside me (two opposite cannot live at the same place). I started showing resentment for others. I wasn’t able to bear anything against my perceptions. I used to indulge in fruitless fights. I got happy if someone agreed to my perceptions and got disgust if someone had other ways of looking at things. I became that sort of unwanted bloke.

On every topic I was laudable, I just wanted to be the center of attraction. I wanted to be someone that should be reckoned. People started hating me, people went away from me but thankfully I realized it. That realization in itself was the most amazing thing in life this far.

Now I live in peace, i don’t care about what others think about me, or utter something obnoxious about me. Now I respect them about their opinions, now I have become open minded about what someone is wearing, someone is liking and someone is doing. Now I have started living with the simple mantra that forgive everyone, and by forgiving everyone we would have great peace from inside. This gives us enormous power. We become more open to criticism, we become more open to ideas and on top of that these things will no longer haunt us.

It actually doing great for us, it releases the incumbent tension from our brains which was doing great damage. Now I sleep in peace with clear conscience, full of positivity, full of serenity, full of calmness. When we start forgiving others we feel lightness from inside, it would feel like a heavy burden just lifted off from our shoulders. Now we are actually controlling our lives and we that we will sleep in peace.
So, forgive others for your own self.

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