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Apple: Apple Health Benefits, Facts & Research Based

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Apple Health Benefits

Crunchy and delicious, apple is considered a rich fruit, a fruit which is extremely popular among the fitness freaks. Those who are in fitness and understand the importance of healthy living, adore apples.

This fruit is replete with essential phytonutrients that are vital for optimal health and wellness. Since the medieval days of food & medicine, apple contains amazing healing and preventing properties. An old adage justify the apple power “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Must say, far away.

Nutritional Value of an apple:

Best thing about apple is that it does not contain any saturated fats, Trans fats, Cholesterol and sodium. Which makes it an instant pick for the health conscious.

Research reveals that a large sized apple provides 20% of the fibre of the recommended daily value. 8% of the recommended antioxidant Vitamin C cover up. 7% of the daily recommended potassium cover up. All that contains up to 130 calories. (Source)

Furthermore, same serving of an apple provides about 2-4% of the RDI for Copper, manganese and Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E.

Note: The above data is based on 2000 calorie diet. If you are on a high calorie diet then your percentage will change accordingly.

1-Anti-Inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of an apple

We take apples for-granted as they are easily available to all of us. Whatever is just few foots away from us we tend not to value it. Never underestimate the miracle power contains by an apple.

Whenever someone crosses path with any of the brain inflammation (Encephalitis), intestinal inflammation (Irritable Bowel syndrome) and nerve inflammation (viral infection); consider apple as a top pick. These are few conditions where apple plays an important nutritional role to calm your system by plummeting the bacterial and viral loads that feed inflammation.

Red skin apples contain anthocyanin and some of the traces of malvidin, these pigments are partially liable for the red skin colour. Anti-obesity properties and compounds are acquired by the pigments that upsurges digestive strengths, and encouraging weight loss.

Apple also have some traces of  rutin, flavonoids and quercidin – phytochemicals responsible for predominance detoxification of minerals and radiation – as well as serine and glutamine which are amino acids help to detoxify the brain of MSG.

Apple are the best source of colon cleanse. As the pectin that moves through the gut are from an apple, this pectin collects and rids your microbes’ body such as yeast, viruses, bacteria and mold. It also putrefied the debris and impacted protein that hides inside the intestinal pockets and feeding harmful bacteria. This further qualifies an apple for antiproliferative for healing Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and some other pernicious digestive disorders.
(Source: Medical Medium)


 2-Apple and its benefits for Heart

Apples is essential for heart as it contains soluble fibre which helps in lowering blood cholesterol level.

Apples have the luxury of certain polyphenols which have antioxidant effects. Flavonoid epicatechin is one of these polyphenols which helps to lower blood pressure.

A study was conducted on the effectiveness of an apple. Statins are the medicines that helps to lower cholesterol levels, by replacing statins with apples would have the same effect in lower bad cholesterol. (Source)


3-Diabetes and Weight loss


Apple is not only associated with the chronic heart diseases but it also help to lower the risk of diabetes. A study of 10000 people have been conducted and the outcome was astonishing as Apple consumption on daily basis does lower the risk of type II diabetes.

Apple intake is considered a beneficial thing to reduce excessive weight and unnecessary fat for the middle aged women in Brazil and according to the study Brazilian women have had amazing effects by incorporating apples.

Moreover, Brazilian women were given 3 apples and few pears to eat, each subject should exercise the given structure for 12 weeks. The outcome was supreme as they lost around 1.21kg weight. These beneficial fruits were also proved to lower blood glucose levels.


4-Antioxidant activity

Apples, and especially their peels have been found with potent antioxidant activity and can stymie the growth of possible liver and colon cancer cells.

Prebiotic effects and promote Good bacteria

Pectin in an apple is a type of fibre that acts as a prebiotic. Prebiotics have the ability to feed good bacteria in our gut. Apple consumption is healthy to nourish good bacteria in gut. Small intestine does not have the tendency to assimilate fibre while digestion. Instead, it enters in our colon, where it cast its spell by promoting the growth of good bacteria.


5-Apple benefits for bone health

High bone density has a scrumptious connection with edible fruits. Bone health and consumption of fruits go hand in hand. Research was conducted and in result to that anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds in fruits are liable to promote bone strength and density.


6-Apple protects Brain

Most of the research are besieged on apple peel and flesh. However, apple juice contains some prolific benefits for age related mental decline.

The phytochemicals in apples are making this an amazing and extremely beneficial brain food, feeding neurons and helps to increase electrical activity.

A neurotransmitter characterized as acetylcholine has been preserved by an apple juice. This kind of neurotransmitter can decline with increasing years. If acetylcholine gets lower to certain threshold level then it could linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

However, it is always beneficial to eat your whole food and sometimes make a juice of it. Please have it for your own health sake. You can throw an apple into a smoothie that would to gold too.

Conditions Where Apple can be beneficial

If are you involved in any of the following conditions, then try to incorporate apple in your daily life:

Alzheimer’s disease, Kidney disease, arthritis, seizure disorder, multiple sclerosis (MS), Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS) hypoglycaemia, diabetes, liver diseases, thyroid disease, urinary tract infections (UTI’s), Transient ischemic attack (TIA), mold exposure, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, (SIBO), Obesity, viral infection, vertigo, Lyme disease, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), autism, anxiety, acne, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), migraines, shingles.

(Source: Medical Medium)


If you are involved in any of the following symptoms, then try to incorporate apple in your daily life:

Menopause symptoms, dandruff, brain fog, nervousness, confusion, ear pain, buzzing in the airs, mineral deficiencies, body odour, acid reflux, back pain, heart palpitations, diabetic neuropathy, anxiousness, back pain, weight gain, blurry eyes, bloating, fatigue, deficiencies, room spins, hypoglycaemia, constipation, brain inflammation, body stiffness, rib pain, blood sugar imbalances, gas, frozen shoulder.

(Source: Medical Medium)

Emotional support

A food which is quite ancient that get us closer to the source. Apple has been the primeval food which has an ability to comfort us, and it does connect us to a sense of sanctuary.

It is considered a brilliant mode lifter for years, if you ever feel fretful, alienated, depressed, powerless, and worthless – you get the idea. Try to take apple and it will ease you and can uplift your mode.

Apples can make you feel ecstatic and can bring an energy into you and around you to attract joy and pleasant things. Apples can rejuvenate you by bringing back your vibrancy, lighten your spirit and console you from lethargic. This is due to the thousands of years we have stored apples to make us to travel through the hostile winter season.

An apple fruit is a ray of hope in the gloominess of life that keep us in touch with something good. It’s inculcated in our bodies that when the outside world seems to be found in bleak, a re-connection with life, sunlight, and summertime can be established with an apple.

Tips of getting most out of apples

  • Red-skinned apples are considered to be the best apples in terms of benefits.
  • Try to consume three apples a day. It could have a drastic positive change in your health – if you intend to commit to the routine.
  • If you could go to the farm or organic orchid that allows you to pick apples directly from the trees that would be gold. Because there you get wax-free, unwashed, and pesticides-free apples to eat. This will further enhance its effectiveness.




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