Arqum Ali Khan

Words have power instilled in it. That’s why every religion has written scripture. As a content marketing writer, I am always excited to discern the impact of words are having both on the readers and the businesses.


I have to admit that content marketing is the thing that fascinates me and somehow making me content marketing nerd – the trends – metrics – ideas – learning – you name it, I love to unclean my hands by diving into it, talk about it, read about it and think about it. And freelancing is the thing that gives me great leverage. I could work from anywhere and in any attire.


I was once told that money is the by product and it comes in multiplying numbers to those who are willing to provide quality products or services. I hammer it home.


My intentions, while writing, are to solve readers’ problems and help businesses & brands to build customer trust. I get a thrill out by really getting my understanding unfold related to customer challenges, and figuring out congruous ways to help them solve their problems. I always confine myself in tone and style that reflects my client’s voice and branding.


One of my strengths is to turn intricate technical information into practical, easy-to-understand takeaways that are highly relevant to your ideal client.


By the way I am an electrical engineer, and working as a freelance content marketing writer for over a year and looking forward to join hands with corporations, publications and B2B businesses.


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What I have Done

  • Electrical Engineering
  • SEO specialist
  • Content Writing course
  • Freelancing course