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7 Astonishing Health and nutritional Sweet Potato Benefits |Research based|

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Health and Nutritional Benefits of Sweet Potato: Tips; Cure

health and nutritional benefits of sweet potatoes

While the potatoes are villainized for all sorts of wrong reasons, thankfully sweet potatoes got some much-deserved acclaim. Yet, these two incredible foods are not in the superfoods’ list. They should be, you will get to know why!

There are numerous sweet potato benefits than we have ever thought. Even their tops are quite useful as they contain some of the functional components that are vital for human health. These functional components include Polyphenol, dietary fiber, and anthocyanins.

Sweet potato is the go-to food for gym lovers due to the abundance of vitamin B6, potassium, and calcium. Sweet potatoes are complex carbohydrates that power the body. It is advised to incorporate complex Carbohydrates before rushing to the gym because it gives energy to the body, which helps in long exercise durations.

Sweet potatoes are of different colors; orange, purple, and white. They are beneficial regardless of their color.

You will get enthralled to know the promising health benefits of this partially ignored food. 7 essential health benefits are the part of the discussion and let’s get into the health benefits of sweet potatoes;


1- Sweet potato Nutrition and Calories

Don’t fool yourself by the sweet taste of sweet potatoes; they aren’t evil in any case, instead of sweet potatoes are a wholesome option for adults, children, and even for diabetic patients – it improves health.

You may be wondering that sweet potatoes are rich in calories, but another astonishing fact that could bring a smile on your face is they are low in calories. What??? Yes, a medium baked sweet potato contains about 103 calories, only. (1)

Well, enough embarking on the importance of sweet potatoes; let’s get into the essential vitamins & minerals it yields, which are vital for our health.

Vitamin A Sweet potatoes contain four times more vitamin A than the daily recommendation of vitamin A. Vitamin A helps in bone development, vision improvement, and immune function. (2)

Vitamin C Sweet potatoes are the potential source of vitamin C, and sweet potatoes cover about 37% of the daily recommended vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in healing wounds, fight infections, and absorbing iron. (3) (4)

Manganese Sweet potatoes contain manganese, which is vital for optimal thyroid functioning and also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels. (5)

Potassium Sweet potato is also a great source of potassium.

Fiber Sweet potatoes are a potential source of fiber. Fiber helps in maintaining healthy bowel movements and lower cholesterol. The Skin of a medium-sized baked sweet potato has 4gm of fiber. (6)

Antioxidants Sweet potatoes are replete with antioxidants and have significantly more antioxidants than many vegetables. Antioxidants extirpate free radicles from our body that could potentially cause chronic illness, inflammation, and Cancer. (7)

Sweet potato Skin, Even the Skin of sweet potato, is quite useful as it lowers the glycemic index and a source of some essential nutrients. (8)

According to USDA,

Sweet Potato calories

Bottom Line    Sweet Potatoes are replete with vitamins and minerals. Especially, beta-carotene and dietary fiber make it an instant pick. It also contains potassium and magnesium, so try to include this food in your diet.


2- Sweet Potatoes Promote GUT Heath

Sweet potatoes are useful in wiping out unproductive bacteria and fungi such as molds that are residing in our gut and making all sorts of troubles. (1)

Not only they wipe out unproductive bacteria, but they also promote productive bacteria in the colon, small intestine, and stomach. (2)

B12 is an essential vitamin for our body, and in the case of B12 depletion, an immediate death can occur. Sweet potatoes are enhancing the production of B12 from the body, which makes these microbes at bay. (3)

Sweet potatoes are useful in preventing megacolon condition – a colon expansion due to the difficile, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Chlamydia, E. coli, and other bacteria proliferation. (4)

This superfood also helps in alleviating intestinal tract narrowing due to the chronic inflammation, diagnosed as IBS or Crohn’s disease. (5)

The availability of antioxidants helps in fighting free radicles in the gut that could otherwise cause colon, stomach, and some other gut-related diseases. (6)

Bottom Line    Sweet potato is an angel for Gut health, and it has the power to extirpate unproductive bacteria and feeds good bacteria in your gut. Sweet potatoes can prevent all kinds of colon diseases.


3- Sweet Potatoes for Beautiful SKIN and BODY

Regardless of their color, sweet potatoes are rich in essential nutrients and minerals. But the fact is the orange-fleshed sweet potatoes are full of carotenoids such as lycopene and beta-carotene.

These powerful phytochemicals are useful for your skin. So, if you incorporate sweet potato daily in your diet, you will witness your Skin take on a glow. (1)

The availability of lycopene, combined with the vital amino acids, resides in sweet potatoes, assist in drawing radiation from the body. (2)

The study also suggests that sweet potatoes are vital for hair growth.

Sweet potatoes contain anti-cancerous phytochemicals that assist in protecting from skin cancer, intestinal cancer, reproductive Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, rectal Cancer, and breast cancer. (3) (4)


Bottom Line      The presence of Carotenoids and other phytochemicals make sweet potatoes a fantastic food for Skin. And such phytochemicals can also prevent you from skin cancer.



4- Sweet Potatoes for Cancer-Causing Estrogen

The phytoestrogen properties of sweet potatoes are helping to perform vital functions to alleviate destructive and cancer-causing estrogen that interferes with endocrine functions by upsetting hormone functions. (1)

These estrogens come to form due to certain plastics, food, and pharmaceutical toxins. These estrogens are also taking place due to the estrogen-producing rich foods. The abundance of estrogens, more than the usage of a body, becomes inactive and resides in organs, which affects the endocrine system. By incorporating Sweet potatoes, unproductive estrogens plummet and pave the path for productive estrogens. (2)


Bottom Line   Estrogens are cancer-causing, and by incorporating sweet potatoes, we save ourselves from estrogens, which means we allow our hormones to function well.



5- Sweet potato for Healthy Vision


Beta-carotene is associated with a healthy vision. Sweet potatoes are replete with beta-carotene, and these beta-carotene cause orange or kind of red color of vegetables. Carrots and orange-colored sweet potatoes are beta-carotene replete foods. (1)

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin for eyes, and beta-carotene converts to Vitamin A, which strengthens receptors inside our eyes. It also boosts your immune system to fight with the disease. (2)

As per the study, sweet potatoes are beneficial in eye infections due to the presence of beta-carotene. (3) (4)

Sweet potatoes and carrots are two amazing foods for healthy vision. (5)


Bottom Line  Orange-colored sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene that helps in sharpening vision. It also strengthens the immune system that allows us to fight with diseases.



6- Sweet Potatoes for Brain Functioning

The presence of starch makes sweet potatoes healthy food for the brain, as it provides energy to the brain. (1) (2)

Anthocyanin is often associated with the improve memory, and sweet potatoes contain anthocyanin, which means they are suitable for memory. Anthocyanin is found in purple sweet potatoes. (3) (4)

Choline and manganese are compounds that are useful for optimal brain functioning, and sweet potato contains both these compounds. It can be extremely beneficial for brain functioning. (5)


Bottom Line  Sweet potatoes contain starch that is useful for brain health, and it also contains Anthocyanin, which is concerned with memory functioning. Moreover, it has choline and manganese; they are good for brain functioning.




7- Sweet potatoes for Quality Sleep

If you are irritated with a lack of quality sleep or you may have insomnia, then try to incorporate sweet potatoes into your diet. (1)

Sweet potatoes contain a special type of glucose that stimulates the neurotransmitter development, such as serotonin, GABA, glycine, and dopamine – all of these assists in sound sleep. (2)

Magnesium is present in sweet potatoes, which means they help in calming your brain. The deficiency of magnesium diet could let to depression and headaches. These causes are a hindrance to sound sleep. (3)


Bottom Line    The quality of sleep is associated with brain functioning, cognitive abilities, mood, and everything that needs our mental capability. So, it contains glucose that assists in sound sleep.



A bonus one

8- They may help fighting Cancer

Sweet potatoes are replete with essential antioxidants that fight with cancer cells. Especially sweet potatoes’ Skin is beneficial in fighting with Cancer. (1)

Sporamin (a type of storage protein) is present in sweet potatoes that have a unique cancer-fighting capability, according to the study. (2) (4)

Sweet potatoes peels, especially the peels of purple-colored potatoes, are useful in the prevention of Cancer. (3)

Back in 2016, a study published regarding the anti-cancerous properties of sweet potato peels. (5)


Bottom Line      Some exceptional fighting abilities reside in sweet potatoes that could help us to fight numerous types of cancers, especially colon cancer.



Conditions that demand Sweet Potato intake

Social anxiety disorder, insomnia, colitis, megacolon, Crohn’s disease, intestinal cancer, colorectal cancer, sunburn, alopecia, skin cancers, kidney disease, attention-deficit, ovarian Cancer, breast cancer, Asperger’s syndrome. Colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, singles, epilepsy.



Intestinal tract discomfort, heart palpitations, abdominal cramping, age spots, weight gains, intestinal polyps, accelerated aging, inflamed colon, anxiousness, diarrhea, scaly skins, Dandruff, hot flashes.

Sweet potato recipe tips

  • Try to incorporate a sweet potato in your daily intake.
  • To further the benefits of sweet potatoes, try to consume it with sliced and smashed avocado; commemorate it with butter.
  • Steaming a sweet potato is by far the best form to consume sweet potatoes; try to include green veggies and fresh salads and throw a streamed potato. It only means you get a chance to assimilate more vital nutrients in a single meal.
  • Try to use cooled sweet potatoes to rid bags under the eyes. Due to the presence of beta carotene, it infuses the under-eye tissues.
  • To deal with sunburn, have this fantastic food; it fastens the recovery process.
  • You can use sweet potatoes in abounds of ways; in whatever ways you want to consume, consume it on a daily basis to reap all its benefits.


Let’s Put a Cessation Here

Sweet potatoes are esstential for our bodyOur health is Detroit because we go far from nature and a natural diet. We spend days and days without eating anything natural. Processed food overtakes natural food, and if we want to overpower our unnatural habit of eating processed food, then we have to join hands with the foods that are gifted to us from nature.

Sweet potato is fantastic health-friendly food, and by incorporating in our diet, we hinder the growth of malignant diseases that otherwise would become our fate.

The information regarding the health and nutritional benefits of sweet potato tells us why we need this food in our life.

Try to consume it daily and do share this vital information with others. The above sweet potato recipes and tips would help you as well.

We welcome your suggestions.


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