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11 Harmonious Foods To Include for Instant Weight Loss

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Fat Loss Foods

Fat Loss Foods

Excessive body fat is the root cause of numerous heinous health problems.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO) report of 2016, about 1.9 Billion people are overweight, and out of those, 650 million people are obese – regardless of their gender and age.

Abnormal health and fat body have a direct relation. One of the most common reason is the change in dietary habits. Back in times, people were less fatigued, less obese, and full of life as they had formidable dietary habits. Unfortunately, the transition took place since the incipient of the 21st century.

The dietary transition has caused actual pain. In medieval days, natural foods (fruits and vegetables) were part of a daily diet, and that keeps people from obesity, which is proportional to good health. But the trends have changed, and the contemporary diet habits are causing catastrophic effects to our bodies and our lives.

We are left with the only option to retain our lost health; thereby, it becomes mandatory to incorporating fat loss foods. Natural fat loss foods are always there to rescue us, but as they are not as sexy as contemporary contaminated and industrialized foods, we tend not to pay any heed. These amazing rescuers are looking to have us on board, but we are deeply engrossed in the love of Burgers, Pizzas, and fried foods – ohh yes!.

Sometimes these fat loss foods harass us to use them to our benefit and thus enjoy a quality life.

Are you one of those who feel sluggish and lazy throughout the day? Well, you’re not alone, everyone with bulky thighs and fat bellies suffers – fair enough.

Below is the list of eleven fat burning foods that you should incorporate in your diet to shrink your fat and streamline your body,


1.      Apple for Weight loss

Apple For Weight Loss

The benefits of apples are paramount. An adage “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is still quite fresh and does wonder.

Apple is one of those weight loss foods that are a great source of dietary fiber and have a low energy density, which means apple promotes weight maintenance. (1)

Apple contains about 86% of water, which makes it quite filling. Filling foods help reduce calorie intake. And low-calorie intake is associated with a fat loss. (2) (3)

In a study, a group of 411 ladies was randomly divided into three groups. One randomly organized group was advised to eat 300gm of apples each day until 12 weeks. Moreover, 2nd and 3rd groups were instructed to consume pears and oat cookies for the same amount and the same duration, respectively. (4) (5)

After 12 weeks, a group with apple and pear diet lost 1.21kgs, and the leftover group reduces only 0.88 kg. (6)

The conclusion of this study is the low density, and the high fiber content of apples is the primary cause of weight loss.


2.      Grape Fruit for Weight Loss

Grapefruit for weight loss

Grapefruits are associated with weight loss since the primitive days. It contains certain enzymes that are vital to burn off body fat.

Study claims, eating grape may have significant results for weight loss if consumes before a meal. It is useful in both ways, either you eat it or have it in the form of juice. Always take grapefruit before a meal. (1)

Grapefruit is a low-density (a food that is low calorie and high in water) food, which means if you incorporate it before a meal and a follow up with a meal restricted in calories, it could have significant weight loss benefits. (2)

A 12-week study was conducted, 91 obese subjects were introduced with grapefruit and asked them to continue using half a grapefruit before the meal for a designated time frame. You must be shocked to know, subjects who ate grapefruits had significant weight loss as compared to those who didn’t. (3)

A low-density diet prior to the meal reduces hunger. Follow up with a calorie-deficit diet can be the best strategy for a possible weight loss. It not only restrict fats but also burns fat.


3.      Avocado for Weight Loss

Avocado for weight loss

Excessive Apple consumption might cause problems as apple contains high sugars, while avocados are low sugar foods, which make them a more suitable food that maintains insulin levels.

Avocados are monounsaturated fats that give a much-needed boost to our metabolism. (1) Gym lovers love to do Avocado postpartum before sally forth to Gym. A brilliant pre-workout food. Let it come!

One study claims, even a half avocado reduces the hunger level up-to 40% for a few hours. It is advised to have an avocado before a meal. (2)

All and all avocados are love, and why not take a toll on it for your benefit? Common, consume it for your good health.

4.      Berries for Weight Loss

Berries for weight Loss

My love for berries is touching the moon, and on top of that, I won’t get penalized for consuming berries. Let me tell you why. Berries are best because when you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, set off to the market, and purchase some berries, these berries would give you sweetness blast and are low sugar and low-calorie food. (1) What else do you want? For free!

Dietary fiber good source is present in berries, and it also makes you feel satiety. Another astonishing benefit of berries includes its ability to slow down the consumption of sugar. (2)

If you are unsure of when to incorporate berries, then try to consume it as a snack or throw down berries into smoothies. Still, confuse when to use?  Don’t worry, send me money. I will have it on your behalf.


5.      Sweet Potato for Weight Loss

Sweet potato for weight Loss

Sweet potatoes are yet to get their much deserve acclaim for all their benefits. They are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant food, which prevents several abdominal diseases and also an angel food for our digestive system.

In sweet potato, some certain nutrients and vitamins fuel the good bacteria and impede the growth of harmful bacteria. Sweet potato is especially great food for intestinal issues.

Lower Glycemic index foods are beneficial for weight loss as they release sugar slowly into our bloodstream. (1) Sweet potatoes have a low glycemic index, which serves well for weight loss. If your body has any health issue with potato, then do replace it with sweet potato.

Another food rich in dietary fiber helps in steadying digestion pace and allows the starches to convert into sugars slowly. (2) That’s the reason sweet potatoes help in exercise, thus a valuable pre-workout diet.

6.      Cruciferous Vegetables for Weight Loss

Cruciferous vegetables for weight loss

Cruciferous vegetables include arugula, bok Choy, collard green, broccoli, radish, and some others.

This family is replete with essential vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, folic acid, fiber, and carotenoids, while scored low in fat and calories index.

When you consume 100 calories of cruciferous vegetables, you get 30 to 40 % of the daily required fiber. (1) It does not only assist in weight loss but also aids in digestive health.

Cruciferous vegetables are also a rich source of Vitamin D, and as we all know, vitamin D deficiency is now a world’s problem. Why not incorporate these cruciferous vegetables and make them the daily diet part.

Do you know chimpanzees, and we have 99% DNA resemblance, and they consume greens daily – learn from them, you human.

7.      Beans and Legumes for Fat loss

Legumes and Beans for weight loss

Beans are legumes rich in fiber and protein, they give such a unique combination of protein and fiber without saturated fat. (1)

This makes them ideal for weight reduction because it travels through the digestive system at such a moderate pace, which leaves you feeling fuller for hunger.

Another surprising fact of beans and legumes is they help any food to move along if it stuck in the gastrointestinal tract. (2)

Beans have the luxury to produce appetite suppressant hormone. (3)

These above shreds of evidence are enough to convince you eating beans and legumes.


8.      Beef and Chicken for Weight loss

Lean beef for weight loss

Organic grass-fed lean beef has a plethora of protein that assist you shredding. The research entails that lean beef contains heavy protein content, which reduces cravings up to 60%, which is massive by any means of imagination. (1)

The breast of Chicken is another rich protein source, and many traditional and non-traditional weight loss diets include chicken breast.

A caveat, don’t consume fried beef as it increases in calorie count. Better grill it and enjoy it. Ohh chicken too!

9.      Wild-Salmon Fish for weight loss

Salmon for weight loss

Your mouth must have filled with water by hearing about Salmon Fish, Yeah. Salmon fish is a rich source of numerous nutrients that assist in weight regulation. (1)

A nutrient-dense salmon fish is beneficial for brain and memory functions, as well as anti-inflammatory and an aid to digestion. Better digestive systems open up ways for weight reduction, which further diminish the chances of obesity and other metabolic diseases. (2) (3)

Salmon fish has the luxury of some essential amino acids and proteins that affects the effectiveness of insulin and digestive tract inflammation.

10.  Nuts for Weight Loss

Nuts for weight loss

Being a nut lover (which one ?),  I always advocate for eating nuts, as nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and protein in abundance. (1) Do you want something else from this harmonious food?

A much-needed caveat, don’t fall for all nuts as some of them are high in calorie count and remember you are on a journey to suppress your excessive fat. Almonds, cashew, pistachios, and walnuts are the healthiest source of nuts because it contains the least amount of calories. So these are no brainer!

As per studies, Almonds have their name in annals for weight loss; a study claims that a group was given almond supplements of 3-ounces, which results in 7% more weight loss as compared to other groups who were consuming complex carbohydrate supplements. (2)

You should ignore macadamia and pecans in your weight loss or burn calories journey, as they are full of calories.

11.  Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

Apple cifder vinegar for weight loss

Obesity is a prevalent issue, and many people struggle to combat it. There are many above mentioned foods you can consume to shred, but Apple cider vinegar has considerable triumphs in dealing with a fat burn or weight loss. This is because apple cider vinegar has active constituents such as acetic acid and polyphenolic compounds that aid in immediate fat loss. (1)

When mixing 1 to 2 tablespoon of ACV with water and consume it daily to deter hunger cravings. ACV contains pectin, and when pectin joins water, it makes us feel fuller for hunger. Less calorie intake leads to reduce weight.  (2) (3)

ACV contains potassium, which flashes sodium out. Excessive sodium links to an increase in body weight.

You can add ACV into salads; it adds a citric flavor as well as beneficial for your weight loss.


Let’s thwart this article

Don’t you want to live a healthy life where you feel at home throughout the day? Don’t you look at fit individuals, how they look, and live? I know I know, I knock the most prestigious door of sanity to make you realize the importance of a healthy life by incorporating healthy foods. These weight loss and fat loss foods are your allies. Don’t let yourself drift away in life because you only live ONCE. Live healthily and make it count.


If you are with me so far, then I am humbled, but before signing off, I want to let you think on these quotes and make the most important decisions of your life regarding your health.

Every Human Being is the Author of his own Health or disease



A healthy body is the guest-chamber of the soul; a sick, its prison

-Francis Bacon

So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health

-A.J. Reb Ma



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